Friday, February 26, 2010

Darkstalkers 1 pg 10

As the book was released on Wednesday, I'm able to start showing more of the penciled pages. I'll just pick some of my favorites instead of boring you with all of them.

This page was tricky. The script asked for a bunch of action shots with Anakaris attacking a Huitzil. As you can see by my roughs here, I struggled to find an appropriate layout.

3rd times a charm as I finally found a layout that worked, but had to cut a panel to make it happen. I'm not going to bother posting the thumbnails to this page as it was mostly just barely legible scribbles..

Here's the final -

Anyways, I'll be posting more soon!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

TX Comics Update!

TX Comics has released it's new website and along with that the brand new TX store!

Check out the site here - TX Comics

Check out the store here - TX Store

A lot of improvements have been made in the last of couple months thanks in most part to Ramon Perez and Karl Kerschl, those guys kick ass!

We have some really exciting news on the horizon so stay tuned as we continue to grow:).



Monday, February 22, 2010

Darkstalkers 1 pg 8

So in keeping with my earlier posts, here is Darkstalkers page 8!

I really like how this page turned out. The thumbnail went pretty quick too.

The rough took no time to lay in as well since there wasn't really any complicated characters or action shots to figure out.

I enjoyed working on this page and really spent some time on the backgrounds.

Anyways, hope you like it and more pages are around the corner!



Friday, February 19, 2010

Udon's Darkstalker Tribute book review.

I just came across this 1up review today while scouring the net. I was happy to see not only a positive review, but that the reviewer had chosen my Morrigan pinup as one of the pinups to showcase in his review! Check it out here -


Anyways, shameless self promotion I know, but isn't that what blogging is all aboot?

On a side note, I will be posting more work soon, just have to wait until the books are on the stands;).