Monday, May 18, 2009

SF 2 Turbo Backup

So here are the roughs of the Final Fight back-up story in this months Street Fighter 2 Turbo #6.

I start by thumb-nailing out the panels right on the script as I read it. I then scan in all those thumbs and piece it together into something a little more coherent.

Once that's done, I proceed to tighten them up. Sometimes I really need to sit down and flush them out better, so I blue line all the pages tighter - nailing composition and the forms along with placement of the word bubbles. Once that's all done, I rescan, tighten up just a tad more in Photoshop then send them off for approvals.

Here's approval-ready rough layouts:
The only revision I got was on pg 4. Udon felt that the last panel should be bigger and also be an up shot. So we decided to squeeze the top two panels together and enlarge the last panel.
Here's the new page:

I think that worked out much better. I had to adjust the angle of Haggar as he didn't feel like he was sitting on the same plane as Cody and Guy. A small tweak and I was ready to go.

From this stage, I print out the pages to fit onto a 11x17 comic board. Tape it down using a light-box to line it up, then proceed to blue line it. Once blue lined, I proceeded to pencils, using a mechanical pencil with a 2H lead. For smooth and faster outlines, I used an HB pencil.

Here are the final pencils:

I had a lot of fun working on this. It certainly was a LOT of work but in the end it's always worth it. I look forward to more of these projects and I hope you do too!




  1. slick stuff bro
    really good to see the 'behind the scenes' roughs too

  2. thanks man:) I'm probably going to do this with every project I do. Good practice.