Monday, July 12, 2010


Udon is finally releasing it's first creator owned anthology called VENT. For more information about it, see the official press release here - VENT

This is very exciting for me as this will be the first published work of Aardehn! I have a short, full color 5 page story in the book which will coincide with my current storyline but can also be read as a one off, for those of you who don't follow along with my online comic.

Alongside my pages, I contributed a poster with a tutorial on how I created this piece. This is just a sample of the tutorial, but rest assured a full write up and more images are included. I also have a 6 page gallery of misc Aardehn artwork.

The hardcover is only available at SDCC and a few other shows I believe but you can already pre-order the soft cover here - link

Hope you guys enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback on it all.


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